Numer No 25/2018

No 25 Cover

[5] Evaluation Criteria and Approach to Voyage Planning in Ice. Verification on the Example of German Ship Activity During the Second World War

Tadeusz Pastusiak

[27] The Risk of Collision Assessment with Grapphic Forms of Target Data Presentation Use

Wiesław Juszkiewicz

[41] Ship Domain in Various Visibility Conditions in Restricted Waters

Zbigniew Pietrzykowski, Marek Siemianowicz, Mirosław Wielgosz

[51] Universal Simulation Method for Determining the Maneuverability of Ferry Based on the Example of Ystad Port

Lucjan Gucma, Rafał Gralak, Bartosz Muczyński, Marcin Przywarty

[67] Assessment of GNSS Position Integrity with the Use of Postprocessed EGNOS Data in the Area of Szczecin-Świnoujście Waterway

Mateusz Bilewski and Paweł Zalewski

[79] Concept of LNG Transfer and Bunkering Model of Vessels at South Baltic Sea Area

Maciej Gucma, Andrzej Bąk, Ewelina Chłopińska

[93] Determination of the Risk of Location the Quay for Large Steel Components Handling in Vicinity of the Fairway Using the Fast-Time Simulation Method

Krzysztof Marcjan and Lucjan Gucma

[109] The Electromagnetic Field in the Vicinity of Radio-navigation Systems

Natalia Jóźwik-Michałowska and Andrzej Felski

[125] The Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE Competition Impact on the Development of Ocean Mapping Possibilities

Karolina Zwolak, Yulia Zarayskaya, Rochelle Ann Wigley, Christina Lacerda, Tomer Ketter, Robert Anderson, Evgenia Bazhenova, Aileen Bohan, Wetherbee Dorshow, Mohammed Elsaied, Andres Fitzcarrald, Robin Falconer, Timothy Kearns, Alison Proctor, Jaya Roperez, Ivan Ryzhov, Hadar Sade, Seeboruth Sattiabaruth, Benjamin Simpson, Masanao Sumiyoshi, Neil Tinmouth

[137] Simulation and Analysis of Particle Filter Based SLAM System

Piotr Kaniewski and Paweł Słowak

[155] Removing the Influence of Network Effect on Local Position Solution

Janusz Ćwiklak, Stepan Savchuk, Sofiya Doskich

[165] The Identification of Possible Applications of The E-Loran System

Krzysztof Czaplewski, Adam Weintrit

[187] Conversion of a Second- to First-Order Linear Nomoto Model in the Light of ZigZag Manoeuvre Performance

Jarosław Artyszuk

[205] Statistical Analysis of Parameters of Selected Worldwide Yacht Ports and Marinas in Terms of Design Guidelines

Lucjan Gucma, Kinga Drwięga, Radosław Butrymowicz

[219] Detection of Small Bottom Objects from Multibeam Echosounder Data

Dominik Iwen, Mariusz Wąż

[233] The Analysis of Maritime Accidents in 2017

Alicja Mrozowska, Piotr Mrozowski

[253] Estimation of Slant Tropospheric Delays from GNSS Observations with Using Precise Point Positioning Method

Stepan Savchuk, Alina Khoptar

[267] The Use of Automatic Communication System on Example of a Conversation Between M/V Corvus J and M/V Baltic Ace

Anna Wójcik, Paweł Banaś