The Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE Competition Impact on the Development of Ocean Mapping Possibilities

Karolina Zwolak 1, Yulia Zarayskaya 2, Rochelle Ann Wigley 3, Christina Lacerda 4, Tomer Ketter 5, Robert Anderson 6, Evgenia Bazhenova 7, Aileen Bohan 8, Wetherbee Dorshow 9, Mohammed Elsaied 10, Andres Fitzcarrald 11, Robin Falconer 12, Timothy Kearns 13, Alison Proctor 14, Jaya Roperez 15, Ivan Ryzhov 16, Hadar Sade 17, Seeboruth Sattiabaruth 18, Benjamin Simpson 19, Masanao Sumiyoshi 20, Neil Tinmouth 21

1Polish Naval Academy, Gdynia, Poland

2Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia

3University of New Hampshire, Durham, USA

4GEBCO Project Member

5University of New Hampshire, Durham, USA

6University of Texas at Austin, Texas

7Saint Petersburg State University, Russia

8Geological Survey of Ireland, Ireland

9Earth Analytic, Inc., USA

10Matrouth University, Egypt

11Directorate of Hydrography of the Peruvian Navy

12Robin Falconer Associates Ltd., New Zealand

13Numurus LLC, USA

14Ocean Floor Geophysics

15 National Mapping and Resource Information Authority, Philippines

16Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, Saint Petersburg, Russia

17Yam-Yafo Ltd., Israel

18Ministry of Housing and Land, Republic of Mauritius

19Hushcraft Ltd., West Mersea, United Kingdom

20Hydrographic and Oceanographic Dep., Japan Coast Guard

21Stellenbosch University, South Africa

DOI: DOI: 10.1515/aon-2018-0009


The paper presents the impact that the XPRIZE Foundation competition, the Shell Ocean
Discovery XPRIZE, has had on the development of current ocean mapping possibilities.
A race for the prize has accelerated the development of innovative seabed mapping
approaches that concentrated on new systems engineering or cutting-edge and innovative
methods of existing equipment exploitation. The GEBCO – Nippon Foundation (NF) Alumni
Team’s entry is presented in details as a state of the art example of mature and robust oceanmapping solution utilizing a high degree of autonomy and providing the possibilities of deepocean mapping that were unattainable before.


ocean mapping, bathymetry, AUV/USV, echosounder, hydrography


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