Numer No 24/2017

[1] EDITORIAL No 24/2017

[5] Computational and Statistical Aspects of Determining Ship’s Position

Antoni Drapella and Wacław Morgaś

[19] Magnetic Repeat Station Network on the Baltic Sea – Why So Needed?

Elżbieta Welker, Jan Reda, Andrzej Pałka

[31] Current State of Art of Satellite Altimetry

Adam Łyszkowicz and Anna Bernatowicz

[49] Application of Discrete Cross-correlation Function for Observational-comparative Navigation System

Jan Matuszewski and Wojciech Grzywacz

[65] Horizontal Accuracy Issues During MBES Surveys

Dominik Iwen

[75] Planning GPS Measurements of a Linear Object for a Specififed Time Interval

Specht C. and Skóra M.

[89] Method for Reserve Determination of Static and Dynamic List of Bulk Carriers Applied to the Dynamic Under Keel Clearance System in the Port of Świnoujście

Kinga Drwięga, Lucjan Gucma, Rafał Gralak

[103] The Impact of Developed Polynominal on Accuracy of Setting Down a Position’s Coordinates Based on Measurements of Two Bearings

Arkadiusz Narloch, Stanisław Kołaczyński

[119] Causes of Ships Groundings in Terms of Integrated Navigation Model

Mirosław Jurdziński

[137] ABPP Motion Simulator Based on 3D ENC

Krzysztof Naus, Piotr Zwolan

[147] Method of Routing Ships Sailing in Dedicated Environment

Marcin Życzkowski

[161] Proposition of Ionospheric Grid in Navigation Satellite System Beidou

Jacek Lamparski

[177] Stochastic Model of Ships Traffic Capacity and Congestion – Validation by Real Ships Traffic Data on Świnoujście – Szczecin Waterway

Lucjan Gucma, Andrzej Bąk, Sylwia Sokołowska

[193] Assessment of Possibilities to Use Thermal Imaging Cameras for Air Traffic Control

Jacek Zakewski, Stanisław Milewski, Michał Zabłotny

[207] Analysis of Ship Traffic Over Subsea Pipeline in the Gdańska Bay Area

Remigiusz Dzikowski, Krzysztof Marcjan

[221] Data Exchange Protokol in REPSAIL

Maciej Gucma, Paulina Hatłas

[231] The BICS — Advanced Method of the Electronic Ship Reporting for the RIS Centre

Andrzej Lisaj, Andrzej Smacki, Janusz Uriasz

[245] Woman on Board — Female Perspective

Elwira Kałkowska

[257] Current State of Deep Ocean Bathymetric Exploration

Karolina Zwolak, Andrzej Felski

[269] The Modernization of the Mrzezyno Seaport. Applaying Simulation Studies to Define the Variants of the Expansion of the Entrance Breakwater

Renata Boć, Lucjan Gucma, Andrzej Bąk

[285] Application of IGS Products for Air Navigation

Henryk Jafernik, Janusz Ćwiklak, Kamil Krasuski and Jarosław Kozuba

[301] Determination of the Last Moment Manoeuvre for Collision Avoidance Using Standarts for Ships Manoeuvrability

Jolanta Koszelew and Piotr Wołejsza

[315] Analysis of the Impact of Weather Coditions on the Effectiveness of Oil Spill Recovery Operation in Simulated Conditions (PISCES II)

Dorota Jarząbek and Wiesław Juszkiewicz

[327] Implementation of Anti-collision System on M/F WAWEL

Piotr Wołejsza, Jolanta Koszelew