Proposition of Ionospheric Grid in Navigation Satellite System Beidou

Jacek Lamparski 1

1Kujawy and Pomorze University in Bydgoszcz, Poland

DOI: 10.1515/aon-2017-0012


In Publisher December 2013 article BDS-SIS-ICD — v. 2.0 (BeiDou system
— Signal in Space — Interface Control Document v. 2.0) author suggested algorithm for calculation ionospheric correction use using D2 NAV information grid
message about ionospheric status. That grid includes China and south-east part
of Asia. It consists from 2 Tables dislocated in 2.5 degrees of latitude. Authors
suggest cited interpolation algorithms which gives possibility to find vertical
ionospheric delay value induced by ionospheric impact. In this work had written
bit different interpolation algorithms of ionospheric delays and ionospheric


satellite navigation system, BeiDou system, ionospheric correction.


[1] BeiDou Navigation Satellite System, Signal In Space, Interface Control Document,
Open Service Signal (Version 2.0), China Satellite Navigation Office, December
2013, [online],
[access 17.06.2016].