Planning GPS Measurements of a Linear Object for a Specififed Time Interval

Specht C. and Skóra M. 1

1Gdynia Maritime University, Poland

2Polish Naval Academy, Gdynia, Poland

DOI: 10.1515/aon-2017-0006


The previous measurement campaigns planning used in geodesy is conducted exclusively
for individual points. For the natural process aimed at the adoption of the introduction of
the planning (prediction of constellation state) in navigation, which is characterized by
the movement, one should adopt measurement campaigns planning for linear objects. In
contrast to the existing planning solutions, focused on point presentation of the state of
the constellation of navigation system, the author of this article rearranges the proposal
of determination of geometrical factors, and their summation. In the presented simulation,
one has specified the route of passing at certain times and it was assumed that the receiver
will move with variable motion. One has defined the geometric ratios (PDOP), which
allow to distinguish the results corresponding to the adopted criteria for the measurement
of linear object to be conducted with the best possible accuracy.


GPS, almanac, position accuracy, GNSS measurements planning


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