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           e-ISSN 2300-6633

Polish Navigation Forum

Annual of Navigation No 25


Gdynia 2018


Instytut Nawigacji i Hydrografii Morskiej
Akademia Marynarki Wojennej
81-127 Gdynia
ul. Smidowicza 69



CONTENTS (in progress)


Pastusiak T.
Evaluation Criteria and Approach to Voyage Planning in Ice. Verification on the Example
of German Ship Activity During the Second World War
.                                                                           5

Juszkiewicz W.
The Risk of Collision Assessment with Graphic Forms of Target Data Presentation Use                       27

Pietrzykowski Z., Siemianowicz M., Wielgosz M.
Ship Domain in Various Visibility Conditions in Restricted Waters

Gucma L., Gralak R., Muczyński B. and Przywarty M.
Universal Simulation Method for Determination the Maneuverability of Ferry
on the Example of Ystad Port

Bilewski M. and Zalewski P.
Assessment of GNSS Position Integrity with the Use of Post-processed EGNOS Data
in the Area of Szczecin-Świnoujście Waterway 

Gucma M., Bąk A. and Chłopińska E.
​Concept of LNG Transfer and Bunkering Model of Vessels at Siuth Baltic Area                                    79

Marcjan K. and Gucma L.
Determination of the Risk of Location the Quay for Large  Steel Components Handling
in Vicinity of the Fairway using the Fast-Time Simulation Method                                                         93

Jóźwik-Michałowska N. and Felski A.
The Electromagnetic Field in the Vicinity of Radio-navigation Systems                                                109


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