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           ISSN 1640-9632

           e-ISSN 2300-6633


Polish Navigation Forum

Annual of Navigation No 23


Gdynia 2016


Instytut Nawigacji i Hydrografii Morskiej
Akademia Marynarki Wojennej
81-103 Gdynia
ul. Smiddowicza 69


CONTENTS (in progress)

Naus K., Szymak P.
Accuracy of Positioning Autonomous Biomimetic Underwater Vehicle Using
Additional Measuremenet of Distance                                                                                                  

Artyszuk J.
Peculiarities of ZigZag Behaviour in Linear Models of Ship Yaw Motion                                             23

Łabowski M., Kaniewski P., Serafin P., Wajszczyk B.
Object Georeferencing in UAV-Based SAR Terrain Images                                                                39

Kaniewski P., Gil R., Konatowski S.
Algorithms of Position and Velocity Estimation in GPS Receivers                                                       53     

Konatowski S., Kaniewski P., Matuszewski J. 
Comparison of estimation accuracy of EKF, UKF and PF Filters                                                        

Januszewski J.
Global satellite navigation systems at high latitudes, visibility and geometry                                       89

Pastusiak T.
The time window for vessels without ice strengthening on the northern sea route                            103

Kulbiej E., Wołejsza P.
An analysis of possibilities how the collisionnn between m/v 'Baltic ace'
and m/v 'Corvus j' could have been avoided                                                                                     

Stróżyna M., Małyszko J., Węcel K., Filipiak D., Abramowicz W.
Architecture of Maritime Awareness System Supplied with External Information                              135

Dyrcz C.
Analysis of sea accidents (2002-2015)   

Jaskólski K.
Application for simulating gyro-compass behavior                                                                             159

Grządziel A., Wąż M.
Estimation of effective swath width for dual-head multibeam echosounder                                       173

Felski A.
Methods of improving the jamming resistance of GNSS receiver                                                      185

Marchel Ł.
Automatic determination of car movement parameters based on image detection                            199

Zalewski P.
Methods of thrust allocation in a DP simulation system of Maritime University od Szczecin              209

Świerczyński S., Zwolan P., Rutkowska I.
Jamming as a threat to navigation                                                                                                      219

Mrozowska A.
Implementation of the contingency plan on offshore units including mobile offshore drilling units    235

Grzegorzewski M.,  Śliwak K. K. 
The GNSS system application in the LPV-200 landing approach procedure.
Part I: Approach to practical verification                                                                                            

Kołaczyński S.
The quantification of the cartographic information                                                                          




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